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Picture My World

Picture My World

Picture My World
Written and illustrated by:
Séverine Cordier and Cynthia Lacroix

In Picture My Day, young readers followed three siblings through a single day and were introduced to new words and objects along the way. In Picture My World, a companion title, readers will rejoin these three same siblings, but this time readers will accompany them through a number of milestones and occasions familiar to every young child. From bringing home a first pet to swimming at the pool, from scraping a knee to having a birthday party, from losing a doll to watching fireworks to climbing a tree, and more, readers will identify with situations and learn more new words, this time with an emphasis on emotional vocabulary.

The illustrations are bright and clear, with just enough detail to entice a preschooler to linger on each page. The accompanying text ranges from exclamations to short sentences and helps readers associate each illustration with an emotional expression

Picture My World

October 2012
96 pages, colour illustrations
7.9 x 6 in
Format: Hardcover
Ages 2 to 4 years
ISBN 978-1-926973-56-2

Praise for Picture My Day

"[An] ingenious new wordbook that actually entertain[s] and enlighten[s]."
~ The New York Times

About the Author
Séverine Cordier is the co-creator of the Emma series and has illustrated numerous books for children in her native France.

Cynthia Lacroix has been designing and illustrating children's books for nearly a decade. She lives in France.

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